Listen to the public? Why, no, not at all

The Register reports that David Blunkett is introducing “voluntary” ID cards after all. Hang on, though, didn’t 5000 responses to the Government’s public consultaton get submitted through STAND? Swinging the vote from 2:1 for the proposal to about 5:1 against? Yep, I remember that. Then again, Beverley Hughes, Minister of Truth State for Citizenship, said in Parliament that only 2000 responses had been received, and later on it was theorised that all the 5000 votes relayed through STAND might be being considered to be one big petition, thus counting as one vote.

Do you get the impression that no-one over there in Minitrue cares what the public think? They say they’re introducing the cards, we all mail to complain, they decide to not count our votes and do it anyway. And make us pay for the privilege, to boot.

England(‘s government) prevails.

I am really unhappy about this.

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