Catchups: 8th May 2003

  • NITLE and Maciej are indexing weblogs with a crawler to give themselves a decent base of data for search testing. I’ve thrown together a very quick search engine for Kryogenix based on Maciej’s Search::ContextGraph code, which I’ve ported to Python. It’s a hack, though, because at the moment I’m not doing any weighting at all, so results aren’t that good. Once I’ve sussed out how to do weighting it’ll be real, and then I’ll have a link to it and stuff. In the meantime, is an initial Python port of Search::ContextGraph for you to play with.
  • Paul talks about Python unit testing. I must do this. Must must must.
  • Revel at Paul’s bitter comments less than a month ago that Arsenal would win the league…
  • Mark jumps out of a plane. Nutter. I’d have called it “”, too. That aside, you get to hear Mark’s voice too and see if it’s how you imagined. :-)

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