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A load of odds and sods:

Chandler 0.1 is out (via Mitch, Ned, and Ted). With an RSS reader called ZaoBao as a supplied parcel. It needs some work, but I’m already liking ZaoBao, and if I get a chance I’d like to hack on it to help out.

Talking today with a guy at work about .NET and how it handles XML: I use the DOM for this sort of thing, but apparently .NET has more advanced handling. I’d be interested to see how this works; I don’t know any decent way of parsing XML other than the DOM or SAX, so I need to look into it.

Ronaldo talking about A Canticle For Leibowitz has prompted me to actually go and get it, which I have been meaning to do for years. Hope it’s as good as he says.

Nina Simone is dead (via Meg). This is a tragedy; she was one of the last great blues singers, right up there with Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday, and Feeling Good is one of my favourite songs.

Sam writes down some of his thoughts about the evolution of RSS. It looks like people are really starting to get a handle on this sort of thing, which Tim notes that we need to do.

Still can’t work out how to do Vellum plugins.

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