Django Beckham

The new Pepsi ad is pretty good. It features the Man Utd team in a wild west setting. Oh, and Roberto Carlos. There are a couple of things that stick with me about it, though.

First is Our Dave B’s voice. Yeah, looks pretty hard in the leather poncho and hat and all. So why spoil it by sounding just like Graham Norton when ordering his Pepsi at the bar? Ridiculous.

And the second? From the website:

Pepsi, has a strong heritage with football and has enjoyed past and present relationships with some of the biggest payers and clubs, including David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Raul Gonzalez, Rivaldo and Juan Veron and Real Madrid and Manchester United. By inviting consumers to get closer to their world class football talents and taste stardom, Pepsi is again showing its dedication in providing unique football experiences and adding excitement to consumers’ daily lives.

Biggest payers, eh. Real and Man Utd. Yep, you were right the first time.

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