A couple more things

I fiddled with the design again,, as you may have noticed, after everyone in the universe complained about it :)

Thinking about a new machine to replace angel, this webserver, I am bloody tempted by the idea of Xbox-Linux, especially since there’s an unofficial Debian port. You need a modchip for the Xbox to run it: where do you get that kind of thing from? Computer shops? Or is there some kind of underground black market? It’d be great to not have to worry about the hardware etc all fitting together right, I don’t need to worry too much about special USB plug converters because the box is headless and remotely hosted and therefore doesn’t need a mouse and keyboard, and it looks like I could probably pick one up for sixty quid or so on eBay. Besides which, it would be cool upon cool. Modchips seem to be about thirty quid after a quick web search, so with less than a ton I’d have a full-on functional super box. With a big X on top.

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