Repeat until false

Things programmers do that they know shouldn’t work but they try anyway, and which sometimes actually work, such as recompiling everything. — The Jargon File on voodoo programming

Well, it looks like Vellum needs an overhaul. This is because I cannot work out a way (by which I mean a non-evil-hacky way) of allowing plugins to interfere with the display of pages. For example, there’s no way that a “Preview” plugin could tell the Vellum core to display the previewed text and ask for the user’s agreement, or for an HTML Tidy plugin to display the tidied HTML for checking before posting. Damn. This means rethinking how the whole thing works, I think, having spent about two months trying to work out a Better Way of handling it without breaking the whole thing, which I am very annoyed about indeed.

Moreover, Vellum GmbH, manufacturers of Vellum CAD, asked me (politely and nicely) if I’d consider renaming the package so that it doesn’t clash with their commercial product. Now I know how the ~~Chimera~~Camino people felt. So, I shall be rethinking. Damn. I hate it when I get things wrong.

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