Special and general purpose small computing devices

Brad Choate waxes lyrical over the Neuros Digital Audio Computer, a portable mp3 player. He lists some features for it:

  • 20GB capacity
  • Vorbis audio support
  • \$399

If you’re going to spend that much on an mp3 player anyway, then can I make a suggestion? Buy a Sharp Zaurus PDA. ~~It’s got more memory,~~ it’ll do pretty much as much stuff from a music-playing point of view, and, guess what: you get a fully functional Linux box in your pocket for free. The prices (in America) seem roughly comparable, the dimensions equally are not too far apart. Admittedly the Neuros has a built-in digital radio, but in those times when you don’t know what to do because you’ve listened to all your mp3s, you could perhaps read an e-book or write some code or browse the web using GPRS and your mobile or play with all the other Z software that you’ve got installed.


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