Pastel design

Wherever You Are: Weblog (via Aquarion):

Aquarion went to the UK Blogs meet, and talks about his experiences, and furthermore points at the weblogs of some of the other people who went. Wherever You Are stood out for me because it’s got a really nice design. All pastel colours; lemon, faded grey, nice black-and-white picture of the tube. I really like design in these light colours; simple but serene.

I wish there were more people around Birmingham to meet up with. Sarabian and Aquarion I see from time to time, but it has to be a special trip. As far as I know, I’m the only one in my LUG with a weblog, and they’re the only group of techie people around I know. The essence of weblogging might well be reading other people’s thoughts on the web without face-to-face conversation, but it sure is nicer to talk about it in person.

Oh, a further thought: if I’m going to talk to UK bloggers, I should read some of their blogs. ;-)

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