Lots of stuff to do

There’s lots of stuff I’d like to do here. Sarabian’s /blogroll/ hack is excellent, and needs doing, and I’ve been thinking about his fetch-the-RSS approach as well, which would turn my site into my aggregator as well. (I’ve so far resisted desktop RSS aggregators.) I think what I’d really like is a “subscribe to this site” bookmarklet which would add it to my blo.gs blogroll if it could, or add it to my fetch-the-RSS blogroll if not. The idea needs work, but I think it’s sound in principle.

I also need to re-enable an RSS feed here, which I haven’t done since moving to Vellum, just out of laziness.

I want to think more about the comment notification stuff that was being talked about a couple of weeks ago, especially given the use-your-FOAF-as-id idea which I suggested (although I’m sure some other people had suggested it beforehand).

Anyway, I’m going to the pub now :)

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