Permalinks fixed

Three people have now moaned at me about my permalinks not working. “Huh?”, thought I, “they do work. I spent a while testing everything to check that.” And then I tried them and they didn’t. Cursing and swearing, I realised that it wasn’t Vellum’s fault at all. You see, the archived posts all live in a directory called days, but I don’t want people who go to to see a simple index of my posts; instead, I want them to go to the front page and see that instead. So, I added a redirect directive or two to my days/.htaccess file, which is where configuration directives for my webserver (Apache) go. It looked like this:

Redirect /days/ Redirect /days Spot the deliberate mistake? Those `/days/` and `/days` bits should have `$` on the end of them, otherwise Apache remaps `/days/1234.html` to ``. And that’s why my permalinks didn’t work. Of course, after I added the Redirect directives, I didn’t retest it. Let this be a lesson. ——-

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