All your rubbish are belong to us

The Willamette Week, a newspaper in Portland, has just run an expose called “Rubbish!“, in which, after comments by leading law-enforcement and local government officials that your rubbish, once put out for collection, becomes public property, they rummaged through the discarded rubbish of the local police chief, mayor, and district attorney. The police had previously searched the rubbish of Gina Hoesley, a police officer, in order to provide evidence for drug charges against her; they had no warrant, and staunchly maintained that none was required. So, what were the mayor and police chief’s reaction when the WW confronted them with theirown discarded scraps, including credit-card receipts, investment summaries, job applications, and personal notes? Did they blow it all off, because it’s OK to search through someone’s rubbish, as they’d previously asserted? You guess, go on. ——-

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