Alan Alda on science

Alan Alda answers a question supposedly posed by the President of America, “What are the pressing scientific issues for the nation and the world, and what is your advice on how I can begin to deal with them?”, for an article for The Edge (via Blog-Fu). Fascinating. Apparently Alda presents a programme called Scientific American Frontiers, who have a video archive of all their shows online. Nice, although I did have to manually parse the URL for the RealAudio file out of the HTML, because I don’t like browser plugins (are there even RealAudio-capable plugins for Mozilla on Linux?) Idea that I can’t be bothered to research (Lazyweb!): either a user stylesheet or a DOM bookmarklet that knows how to replace \<object> tags for embedded movies with a div containing a link to the movie file, for people who don’t like plugins. The reason I can’t be bothered to research this is that each movie type (Real, WMA, ad nauseam) probably indicates where its movie file is in a different way, and I’m too lazy to work out what they all are. ——-

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