All your ALSA are belong to me

So, sound stopped working on my machine. Really random. It always worked before, and, like the man said, “I didn’t change anything!. About the same time, I upgraded from 0.5 to 0.9, and couldn’t work out why this broke it. So I recompiled all the modules. I got two different mixers and checked in both that I didn’t have channels muted or low-volume. I rang people up and asked questions. I asked on IRC for help. I recompiled the kernel. Read the documentation over and over again. Recompiled everything again. Checked my speakers on another machine. Tried using different speakers on my machine. Still nothing. Two weeks without sound; no music while I’m working, not good. I was about tearing my hair out, especially since, in that time period, Bill went from having no sound at all to getting it working and driving both sets of speakers on his machine, and then sending me mails about how he could do it and I couldn’t, the git. He did come up with lots of suggestions as to why mine didn’t work too, none of which helped. Then last night I unplugged the speakers from the audio output of my modem and plugged them into the soundcard instead. I felt such a twat. ——-

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