Registry of XSLT

Anil suggests that Windows should have a “system-level registry of XSL transforms”, now that Office 11 supports transforms when saving a file as XML, so that any application can supply its own format as a transform. I don’t see how this would work; as far as I’m aware, to do that you’d need to supply your format as a transform from some kind of defined “base” format into your format, and where’s this base format coming from? You could supply your format as a transform from, say, Word 11’s XML output, but what good does that do you? Essentially that lets your application import Word files, but apps can do that already (don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that XML won’t make that process easier). But unless there’s one magic XML format into which all data can be pressed (which there isn’t), I’m not seeing what a registry of applications’ XSL transforms will do to help. ——-

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