Return of the Zaurus

I’ve got my Sharp Zaurus back. Hoorah! I hope the little scrote who stole my previous one has his hands rot off or something. I’m even more pleased at the speed of replacement. Huh?, I hear you asking, it was snatched about a month ago! True. However, once the decision to replace had occurred, it was extremely quick; I spoke to someone at a place called The Source yesterday afternoon at about 3pm, and my replacement Z arrived today at 9am. So they were very quick to replace it indeed, once they had authorisation from my insurance company. It seems that the insurance company don’t actually replace things themselves, but contract out that part to this other firm called The Source — presumably the actual insurance people are too busy ignoring people’s applications for three weeks to actually do any work. So once it got from the besuited insurance morons to people who actually nede to do something (by which I mean assess the market for the best price, buy it, and get it send to me), the process took less than 24 hours. Big up to The Source; big slaps to the insurance people. ——-

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