Links between other places

Simon is thinking about a way of connecting two links; when you read something on the web and realise that it fits in nicely with something else you’ve read, and write a note about how the two relate. I’m not convinced that this isn’t solved by, say, Pingback, because there isn’t necessarily a link between the two without your post explaining and drawing on that link, and therefore the chain that other people should follow isn’t First-Post-You-Saw to Second-Post-You-Saw, or the other way around, it’s First-Post-You-Saw to Your-Post-Explaining-Why-It’s-Similar-To-Some-Other-Post to The-Other-Post-That-It’s-Similar-To (or, naturally, vice versa). I remain unconvinced that we need yet another addition to the sprawling world of XML-based formats that are trying to make the semantic web happen. Perhaps this is the market forces argument; create all sorts of formats and see which ones win. However, I believe (and have argued before) that there’s a risk that all that method does is dilute your pool of good people, because everyone’s working on their own magic format. NIH gone mad, not that I’m in any way immune to this. But I’m not seeing the need for further technology here. ——-

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