Universal search engine

I’ve been looking lately at a product called Vrisko, a universal search engine. The way it works is that you tell it about data sources and how to search them, and it then provides you with a single search across all of those data sources. Your data sources can be previously existing website search engines (which it handles by submitting a search to that site’s search engine and screen-scraping the results), search engines that return XML, SQL databases (you tell it the SQL query to use and what sorts of results it should get back), API calls (tell it the call and the data that should be returned from that call), and so on. What I’d like to know is whether anyone’s developing a similar sort of thing under a free software licence? It’s not a technically difficult thing to do, and it would be nice to use (and possibly add to) an open-source project rather than forking out loads of money to a corporation and then not being able to contribute to its development. Anyone with any ideas, a comment or an email would be much appreciated. ——-

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