When good interfaces go crufty

When good interfaces go crufty, a superb essay by mpt that discusses why the “Quit” command in your File menu shouldn’t be there, why filepickers are bad (except in RISC OS, which is why I use ROX, a RISC OS-a-like window manager, although it doesn’t really help because other apps don’t use its power), why renaming files breaks the world and shouldn’t, and how the Programs menu in Windows, KDE, and Gnome is the ultimate in crufty behaviours. Highly recommended, and if this doesn’t fire off thoughts in you about how these things might be improved, then you lose all your accumulated hacker points and go back to the beginning of the level. I hadn’t even thought of these things as problems (and I’ll bet most other people, including most coders, hadn’t either), which shows that either mpt is immensely clear-sighted and can break the paradigm (well, sort of… Thomas Kuhn, stop turning in your grave), or that we’ve all been successfully brainwashed by people who thought these things up and convinced us of their own beliefs that they were the right thing to do. The Emperor has no clothes, says Matt; are we able to listen? ——-

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