100 best sci-fi stories

The 100 science fiction books “you just have to read” list (via Gimlé) disillusions me, because I’ve only read 15. Much like Baldur, I’d have liked to see Michael Marshall Smith represented in the list; Only Forward isn’t that much newer than Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, both of which are among my very favourite sci-fi books. I’m not convinced about the inclusion of Alice either, because I’d class it as fantasy, and if you’re allowed fantasy in the list then I’d include such things as the Dragonlance Chronicles or the Elenium. Still, a list of the 100 top anything is bound to be amazingly subjective. I should still read more of them, though. Best book on that list that you probably haven’t read: I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, a superb short-ish story about vampires and the end of the world. Best books on that list that you probably have read: Only Forward, Snow Crash, and The Andromeda Strain. ——-

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