XUL future

Aaron Andersen has written The Future of XUL, describing XRE, the XUL Runtime Environment. XUL is the language, environment, whatever, in which Mozilla’s front-end is written, and it’s the key part of the development of Moz as an application platform rather than just a web browser. Essentially, you define your interface in XML, and then use JavaScript to actually do the work. Anyway, the XRE is a small runtime environment that you can distribute with your app, which will mean that the end-user won’t need all of Mozilla to run a XUL app, much like the Java virtual machine, or the MS Visual Basic runtimes. It’s a pretty essential component if Moz-at-dev-platform is ever going to be more than a theoretical idea. It’s apparently “six months away”, although, as Aaron says, believe it when you see it. ——-

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