Telecoms buy music studios

Andrew Odlyzko comments on an article about “solving the broadband paradox” (via Aaron) with some pretty wise ideas. Pretty radical ideas, too:

Total recorded music sales in the US come to a grand total of about \$15 billion per year, while telecom spending is over 20 times higher. Thus in the abstract, it might be a wise investment for the phone companies to buy out the studios.

We need more thoughts like this: ways to make the world change, to open up possibilities. If the music studios refuse to embrace the new world, and they cannot be converted, then don’t waste time and space and energy trying: just make them irrelevant. Big business has no compunctions about changing the ground under us, so why not do it back? As the Jargon File has it, “if you want to play in the Real World, you need to learn Real World moves“. ——-

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