Paul has bought a screen protector for his Zaurus. Now, I’ve not done that, because I’ve had no problem with the Z’s screen, and I had no problem with the Palm IIIx’s screen before that (well, I had one problem with it, but that’s when I dropped the Palm and the screen smashed, which doesn’t count). Something I should note is that the silver coating on the case doesn’t stand up to hard wear, though (and anything that lives in my pocket 18 hours a day, nastling next to my keys and money, undergoes hard wear). It’s scraping off along the sides and top of the screen, where the edges of the plastic flip-screen are. This isn’t a problem for me — I care about what it does, not what it looks like — but I can see how some people might not like this. The Palm never suffered from this because there was no coating to scrape off; its case was merely hard textured plastic, and stood up incredibly well to the pocket test for three years. Didn’t run Linux, though. :) ——-

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