Referrer links

Sam Ruby notes that Mark Pilgrim’s latest upgrades to his referrer-log-powered Further reading section replicate TrackBack/Pingback functionality without requiring any active pings. Almost, I agree. My one big flaw with referrer-log-based linking is that it doesn’t tell you if someone links to you. What it tells you is that someone’s linked to you and someone else has followed that link. This means that someone who has a blog that no-one reads will never get their comments noted, no matter that they might be entirely apposite. What it actually ends up being is that you read a post of Mark’s, blog about it, and then follow the link in your own blog post just so that your link gets noticed, which is not great at all and smacks of a “look at me” sort of self-publication. (Unless I’m missing something, Intertwingly is no longer pingbackable.) Update: As Sam notes, Intertwingly is pingbackable after all.)

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