Drive removal

I’ve got a TraxAudio mStation MP3 player in my car. It’s essentially an IDE hard drive with a pretty LCD on the front; you plug the drive into your machine, copy files to it, and then plug it into the docking bay in the car and listen to the MP3s thereon. I was using it on spike2, a Win2K box. Copied loads of files to it, and it worked fine. Then I downgraded spike2 to Win98. Now I put the drive in the machine, and it displays a few files on it with gibberish names. I tried copying some other files to the drive and then putting it back in the car, to see if it identified those newly copied files: no dice. The car thinks that the hard drive is empty. It’s formatted as FAT32 — did the FAT32 format change somehow between 98 and 2K? Thanks a lot, Microsoft. Thanks very much.

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