I have a response to my fax to my MP about the EUCD! Not a very useful response, though.

Thank you for your recent communication cncerning the proposed European Union Copyright Directive. I have noted your comments and concerns on this matter and have forwarded a copy to Fred Bloggs MEP to take note of your views. I have no doubt that you will be hearing from Fred in the very near future. Once again many thanks for taking the time to write to me on this issue.

…and then there’s some bumph about a Drugs Information Hotline, which concerns me not at all. Does this sound like a fob-off to you? It does to me. It boils down to “there’s a Somebody Else’s Problem field around this; talk to someone else.” Now, fighting this at the European level needs doing, but I also want to know what our government is doing about it. I’m unclear how best to proceed; should I come back to my MP and ask for a more satisfactory answer? ——-

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