More pingback implementations

Aquarion has implemented Pingback in both client and server modes on Aquarionics. Hixie is searching for an excuse to link to Pingback-enabled blogs, so he’s either sending manual pings or he’s got a client-side implementation at the very least. Simon is also pingback enabled, using his own IXR XML-RPC library for PHP, which now has a discussion forum. Mort also has a working client and server implementation (but his server’s not up all the time). (UPDATE 07-09-2002: Mort’s still working on the server implementation, and pretty much has the client side working.) Maybe soon we’ll be at the stage when I can’t list all the implementations in one post. Maybe soon, too, I’ll get enough time to implement a client-side version for MT and then I can release it. I could release the server code now, I suppose; is there anyone out there reading this, competent in Perl, and running MT2.2 who would be willing to let me now how much of a forward-porting effort it would be? (I’m running, and coded for, MT 2.1 using the Berkeley DB — I don’t know what changes the MySQL stuff made throughout MT.) ——-

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