The BBC are doing RSS feeds (via Danny O’Brien and Simon). Interesting. I keep thinking about using an RSS reader, but I like the idea of one that uses Mark Pilgrim’s ultra-liberal RSS parser, because it does the Right Thing. However, I’ve only found two that use it. The first is Abe Fettig’s Hep, which gateways all your stuff to email, and I don’t like that. (Why? I read mail using a text client, so no clickable URLs, no formatting, no HTML rendering, etc. Why a text client? Because I need it for SSH. Why not use a graphical one when I’m at the console? Because none of them interoperate with Mutt — I can’t find a graphical client that will just use /var/mail/aquarius as my inbox and the mbox files in \~/Mail as folders, as Mutt does. Instead, they all try and steal your mail away into their own secret Inbox somewhere else, so Mutt cannot read it. Evolution, Mozilla Mail, KMail, I’ve tried them all. I’m open to suggestions on a graphical client that does the right thing here. No, I’m not using IMAP, because I’ve got loads of saved mail in \~/Mail and it takes 30 seconds to start up Mutt, which is no good when I check my mail about three hundred times a day.) Anyway. The second is Juri Pakaste’s Straw, which requires Gnome 2, and I don’t want to install it (because it’s not yet officially packaged for Debian, and I don’t like unofficial packages unless I really need them). I keep thinking about writing my own, but then I think, hell, life’s too short. Most of what I’d do with it is covered by the blogroll anyway, which updates itself to changes hourly. So I’ll do without unless someone’s got a better suggestion.

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