The US and Europe

Different worlds (via my best friend) “Behind a smokescreen of trade and currency issues, alignments are shifting. Perhaps we should wake up to the fact before someone discovers that Orwell never wrote 1984. He meant 2004 and the clock is ticking.” Walter Ellis, in the Scotsman, discusses the changing political climate, the US administrations increasing perception of Europe as marginalised, and the truth or falsity of such an assumption. When even such historically close allies as Britain and the US find themselves, not in open-faced opposition, but a state of avoiding speaking about the problems that each sees within their relationship, if can’t be a good thing for either party or the relationship. Clearly there are overtures by each side to talk about their differences, but they’re hobbled by all of reactionary or angry elements on each side, placating the people at home, and by the open and visible nature of diplomatic discourse — unable to discuss some problems in the fear that others might hear, they in the end avoid discussion. I hope it doesn’t all end in tears. America needs to be perhaps less angry, and Britain less conciliatory, to return to the unique “special relationship” unlike that which any other countries have managed, before or since. ——-

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