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Minor hack in place for comments: if you’re using Mozilla, and you view comments, they get pulled into the front page rather than appearing in a popup. It’s experimental and may not work, and I don’t get that many comments anyway :) I created an XML template of all the comments posted to adpb, and there’s a Castalian page which parses that XML file and returns only comments for one particular post (yeah, yeah, XSLT, whatever). The front page then, if you’re using Mozilla, grabs that XML file, parses it, and displays the comments in the front page by DOM manipulation. It only works in Moz because I can’t be bothered to chase the moving target MS XML stuff (is it MSXML2.XMLHTTP? MSXML3? Microsoft?) for such a marginal feature. Yes, I know I could do it with try/catch; when I need to, I use a technique like WebFX’s XML extras. But, you know, unlucky. I still haven’t sorted out all the comment template and so on, mainly out of laziness; it’s a pain, sorting that kind of thing in MT. I’m toying with the idea of revitalising xlog, my weblogging management system, now that I’ve used MT extensively.

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