Boring CSS

Chris Casciano, he of the Daily CSS Fun project, has expressed his disappointment with page designers in Your CSS Bores Me, a short essay on how CSS-driven sites have boring cookie-cutter designs. I’ve talked about this before, but it’s a worthwhile point. If I had any design skills at all (as opposed to development skill, which I do have some of) I’d be out there pushing the envelope. We need designers who can use CSS to its utmost, and there aren’t many around. Is this just the problem of having to learn a new tool? Perhaps as authoring environments like Dreamweaver become more CSS-savvy we’ll see more interesting uses of it, but I have my doubts about that; really innovative stuff comes from people who know the tech, and people who know the tech tend to hand-cut code for the power it gives them. Are there any really innovative CSS designs out there?

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