52 projects

52projects (via Simon Willison) is a list of random little projects to do. Things like: find a batch of old letters from an old friend and mail them back to that friend to see their response. Or: take the train to the end of the line, somewhere you’ve never been, and take photos. That kind of touchy-feely project; they all have this lapidary, time-worn feeling about them. It’s an interesting idea. It does slightly puzzle me that there are not fifty-two projects, but mine is not to reason why; I understand that the site has only just been created and perhaps there are more projects yet to come. But if you don’t know how many there are going to be, why settle on 52? Is the plan that we should take on a new one every week for a year? Some context would be nice. Moreover, these projects, while a touching idea, are things for which I don’t really have time. At least, I feel that I don’t — I suspect that that’s the point, that I could make time for these things and enrich my life (and conceivably someone else’s) in ways that involve neither code nor vodka. I’ve often thought about doing this kind of thing for techie projects; those little ideas that I think up from time to time but don’t have time to take on. Every time I think of doing it, though, it seems like I’m merely lazily publishing my to-do list because I’m too inept to finish these things myself. In addition, it makes me one of the batch of people who start projects, publish them, and don’t finish them, and I ranted about those people in my essay about open-source. I shall avoid gazing into the abyss, so that I don’t have to see it gazing back. ——-

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