Disconnected earth

Connected Earth (via Simon Willison) is BT’s brand new site covering “how communication shaped the world”. Cost a million quid, apparently. It’s a shame they couldn’t spend that money on actually making it work. Got Mozilla and don’t like Flash? No chance, pal; your entry page to the non-Flash site in Moz doesn’t work at all. Does it validate against their XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype? Hell, no. (I tried validating it as HTML 4.01 Transitional, since they obviously don’t care about it being XHTML (no \</meta> tags, for example) but validator.w3.org seems to be broken when you force a doctype — it adds its own doctype string and then claims that that same string isn’t valid!) Moreover, once you’ve selected the non-Flash site, I can’t find a way of reversing that choice and looking at the Flash one. All in all, a big, big thumbs-down to BT, who are supposed to be extremely technologically aware and in the vanguard of leading the UK into the big wide world of connectivity. As long as you’ve got IE5.5, Flash, QuickTime and Windows Media Player, presumably. Mozilla? Nope. Linux? Nope. Open standards? Nope. ——-

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