CSS no good: film at 11

Cascading Style Sheets, Promise vs. Reality, and a Look to the Future (via From The Orient): Is CSS still only a burgeoning technology? Digital Web Magazine questions its current utility. I’d like to go further into this, but everyone everywhere who would care has already seen rants in favour of CSS styling. As Sarabian points out in his comments on Orient, most of Mark Newhouse’s complaints seem to revolve around Netscape 4 support, which is hardly looking to the future. Hopefully in a year or so everyone will ave moved on from that dead or dying browser. I’m even inclined to suggest that we, as web developers, explicitly make the decision to not support it; that way more users might be encouraged to upgrade. I can’t imagine that it’s in use places other than large corporate installations who haven’t yet rolled out an upgrade programme. Perhaps the release of Netscape 7 might trigger a change. ——-

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