Pinging has an XML-RPC interface so you can “ping” it when your blog updates; it shows a list of recently updated blogs. Remind me to do this. At some point I must actually release xlog, as well; it seems to work reasonably nicely now, and stably too. (Well, I’ve not noted any problems with kryogenix lately, so that’s OK). Naturally, I need to go through the code and parameterise everything, bah. But MovableType seems to be becoming the standard tool for blogs; Sarabian seems to be using it without problems, sor example. I just don’t like third-party tools for this kind of thing, because I always find them more difficult to use, and hacking them to do what I want defeats the pont of using a third-party tool (because then I have to go through the merge-my-diffs nightmare every time there’s a new release). Besides, it’s in Perl and I’m no good at Perl. Vive la Python, I say.

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