Amusing world

Sometimes I forget just how much amusing and absurd stuff there is going on in the world. :-)

Plaid Cymru apologise for website joke
Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, had a comment on their website stating that they should hold the next Olympics in the Gurnos estate in Merthyr Tydfil, a notoriously bad housing estate, where events might include husband and wife boxing, and the opening ceremony would show cars being torched. Apparently the party leadership has stated that the views were not those of the party and that they were juvenile and a joke. The pages have since been removed. But I can’t see there being many votes for them from the Gurnos estate in the next elections…

The White house gets subpoenaed
The Senate in the US has demanded that the White House turn over documents detailing high government officials’ connections with Enron, the now-bankrupt energy company. Apparently the White House didn’t want to turn over the documents, so the Senate have issued a subpoena. Lord only knows what they reveal — but it’ll be fun finding out.

Sony’s new “copy-proof” CD is not quite up to scratch. The CD is constructed such that it won’t play in CD-ROM drives; supposedly an attempt to stop piracy, but it could (and is) also viewed as just another way that the entertainment industry is attempting to ensure that they not only choose the music we’re allowed to listen to, but where and how and when we’re allowed to listen to it. But the CD, according to a USA Today report, can be “un-copy-proofed” by just drawing a line around the outside with felt-tip pen! Oh, those fearsome corporate giants trying to limit us. If they were in any way competent then they could actually get their job done, rather than building pathetically limited technical solutions and then relying on their armies of lawyers to stamp on people who like to listen to music on non-approved devices. One for the little guy, again.

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