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Ubuntu One for the Nokia N9

Ubuntu One, the personal cloud service from Canonical, lets you store files and music and photos and whatever and have them available on all your devices; laptops, smartphones, desktops, the web, everywhere. We already have smartphone applications for Android and iOS, but not for the N9, which is the phone I've got. So, I'm working on bringing Ubuntu One to the N9.

The first application available is Ubuntu One Files: browse and download anything in your personal cloud to your N9.

Older versions: 0.2

Videos of Ubuntu One for the N9

You can also get the source code by bzr branch lp:~sil/+junk/u1fn9.

Thank you very much to Elleo for help and packaging!


I plan to, at some point, get this into the Nokia Store. I also plan to implement other features as and when I need them: that will likely include uploading of files, caching, automatic upload of photographs, and the like. You can browse the TODO list.

If you run into problems with this, or have suggestions, or just like it, ping me on Twitter or contact me some other way!

Oh, and, to be clear: I do work for Canonical on Ubuntu One, but this isn't an official project or anything; this is me, writing it because I like my N9 and want to get at Ubuntu One on it. So don't go hassling the U1 support guys or anything :-)

sil, May 2012