this is part of as days pass by, by Stuart Langridge

For things written that aren't to do with the web, see /code/.

Experiments with advanced use of the browser DOM.

Warning: most of this stuff will require a fully DOM-compliant browser, which means Internet Explorer 5.5 or better, or Firefox, or Safari, or Opera. They may work in other browsers; alternatively, they may not.

All this code is licenced under the X11 licence (sometimes called the "MIT licence").

Setting a custom ghost image when using HTML5 drag and drop
A surprising, and dreadfully repugnant, trick to use custom elements as a draggable "ghost image" when using HTML5's draggable="true" native drag-and-drop support
Secrets of JavaScript Closures
A presentation about closures in JavaScript and some neat tricks you can do with them
A jQuery plugin to automatically add helpful text from <label> elements into your text fields with the minimum of configuration
Generated Table of Contents
Add a table of contents to your HTML documents by simply adding one JavaScript library
Caps Lock warning
Warn users when Caps Lock is unknowingly turned on while entering a password into a web for. Published as part of 24 Ways.
Truncated text
Chop off text in a div so that it shows only the first line.
DOM Image Annotation
Add annotations to your images, a la Flickr, using unobtrusive DHTML.
JavaScript Event Sheets
A way of attaching event handlers to HTML elements specified by CSS selectors.
Sortable tables
Make your tables sortable by clicking the headers, just by adding this JavaScript library to your pages.
CSS image replacement technique
How to do something like the Fahrner Image Replacement technique without requiring spurious tags in your HTML.
Yet another way of hiding CSS property declarations from some browsers.
Nice titles
Have your link titles pop up in a prettier way, taking some hints from the Apple designers of Safari.
Make links internal to a page scroll smoothly to the destination rather than jumping. Described in detail in an article for Sitepoint.
Drop shadows
Drop shadows using JavaScript and CSS as per Unobtrusive DHTML -- just add a class to your text and have it grow a drop shadow! Works cross-browser, not using IE's proprietary filters.
Unobtrusive DHTML, and the power of unordered lists
An essay on how to make your DHTML unobtrusive to both user and developer, and how to turn nested unordered lists into both drop-down lists and explorer-trees. The updated version of aqTree2, in fact, with lots of other cool stuff besides.
Have your site automatically highlight searched-for words when your pages are reached from search engine searches.
Draw pretty pictures using the Google Search! Release your mad artistic skillz!
Expand/collapse trees without the hard work -- just add some nested ULs to your page and then have aqTree turn them into trees for you. (Updated to aqTree2, 30.07.2002)
The Microsoft Office paperclip for the web! Have all your web forms offer helpful hints to your users!