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My Writing

This is a selection of things I've written, for magazines, online publications, and published as books. If you want me to write for you, contact me and let me know what you're looking for!

Useful Python

A short book on using Python to do scripting tasks rather than programming; converting data from one format to another, extracting information from web pages, manipulating numbers and words. If you're computer literate and you've done a little programming but you don't really want to write programs per se, this is for you; write little Python scripts to solve problems, not to build applications. Published through SitePoint Premium and dedicated to Bruce Lawson, who is exactly the sort of person it's aimed at.

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Learn Privacy

A course to help you build more privacy-preserving websites, published with the assistance of the team. Cross-browser technical, business, and philosophical advice on what privacy is, why it's important, and how to actually protect your service's users.

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Why Learn Python

Why learn Python? Well, because it’s friendly and everywhere and here and popular and powerful and learnable and lucrative and fun. Why not learn Python?

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Using CSS Masks to Create Jagged Edges

I was working on a project that had this neat jagged edge along the bottom of a banner image. It’s something that made me think for a second and I learned something in the process! I thought I’d write up how I approached it so you can use it on your own projects.

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10 Best Free Static Site Generator Tools

In this guide, we’ll explain what static site generation is and the benefits of it, and list the ten best static site generators to give some guidance as to how to choose between them.

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Sitepoint Python Hub

Master content curator for Sitepoint's Python Hub.

See the Python article collection curated and edited by me, or read A Brief Primer on Service Workers in Django and Django Channels for Real-time Updates which I wrote (requires payment)

Smashing Print: Ethics and Privacy by Rachel Andrew, Vitaly Friedman, Trine Falbe, Heather Burns, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Laura Kalbag, Stuart Langridge and Cennydd Bowles

We wanted to bring a spotlight to a topic that’s very close to our hearts: ethics, privacy and security. How do we deal with tracking, advertising, GDPR, data protection and addictive interfaces? Dark patterns are everywhere, and long term they irreversibly damage trust and bring hidden costs.

Nice reviews: Krupa UI/IX Conf

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Bitnami Open Source Interviews

Listen or read transcripts


Technical documentation and posts for AeroFS.

Ubuntu User

Technical articles and op-eds for Ubuntu User magazine.

Accelerated DOM Scripting with Ajax, APIs, and Libraries by Jonathan Snook, Aaron Gustafson, Stuart Langridge, and Dan Webb

Nice reviews: Nate Klaiber, Web Teacher, FWZone, Nathan Smith

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Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache

Linux Magazine, "If you are just starting out with building an Apache web server on Linux, this is the book for you."

Nice reviews: Kickstart News, Linux Magazine (PDF)

Hated it: Stephen F. Stringer, M. Yu

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Linux Desktop Hacks by Nicholas Petreley and Jono Bacon

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Greasemonkey Hacks by Mark Pilgrim

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DHTML Utopia

Bruce Lawson, "I also feel a kinship with authors who fantasise about mad millionaire philanthropists giving away beer."

Nice reviews: Rachel Andrew, PRO, Christian Heilmann, Web Design Resources and Reviews,, Bobby van der Sluis, HTMLSource, Kickstart News, Nate Klaiber, Dr. Dobbs' Journal, Larry Clarkin

Hated it: John Hanlon

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