this is part of as days pass by, by Stuart Langridge

My books

What people thought of DHTML Utopia

Good: Rachel Andrew, PRO, Christian Heilmann, Web Design Resources and Reviews,, Bobby van der Sluis, HTMLSource, Kickstart News, Nate Klaiber, Dr. Dobbs' Journal, Larry Clarkin (who says "the book does a good job of standing the test of time")

Shite: John Hanlon

Your cheque is in the post: Bruce Lawson, "I also feel a kinship with authors who fantasise about mad millionaire philanthropists giving away beer."

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What people thought of Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache

Good: Kickstart News, Linux Magazine (PDF)

Shite: Stephen F. Stringer, M. Yu

Your cheque is in the post: Linux Magazine, "If you are just starting out with building an Apache web server on Linux, this is the book for you."

You completely didn't get it: Webhostgear, "I was very disappointed that they skipped compiling Apache, PHP or MySQL from source. For everything they just decided to use YUM only and RPMs."

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Books I contributed to

Smashing Print: Ethics and Privacy by Rachel Andrew, Vitaly Friedman, Trine Falbe, Heather Burns, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Laura Kalbag, Stuart Langridge and Cennydd Bowles

Good: Krupa UI/IX Conf

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Accelerated DOM Scripting with Ajax, APIs, and Libraries by Jonathan Snook, Aaron Gustafson, Stuart Langridge, and Dan Webb

Good: Nate Klaiber, Web Teacher, FWZone, Nathan Smith

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Linux Desktop Hacks by Nicholas Petreley and Jono Bacon

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Greasemonkey Hacks by Mark Pilgrim

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