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Books I acquired (and have reviewed) in 2009

October 2009

Life, the Universe and Everything goodreads

Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's #3)

Ditto ditto.

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul goodreads

Douglas Adams (Dirk Gently #2)

Dirk Gently returns. He is still the same, although the plot he finds himself in isn't as good as the first book. In Detective Agency there was an excellent story and Gently was in the middle of it. In this, Gently is as good as ever but does not have a story worthy of him. Liked the bit about how hard Toe Rag works as a provocateur, though.

Getting Real goodreads


Got for tips about how the Rails crowd think. Some useful parts. Some I bounced off pretty heavily; maybe I'm not cool enough.

The Complete Robot goodreads

Isaac Asimov

A founding book of modern sci-fi. When they're all collected together, they're clearly not really stories; they're little vignettes designed to work through the logic of one or more aspects of the Rules or whatever, like a Smullyan puzzle book. Also, I don't actually like Susan Calvin very much.

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