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Sex, Death, and the End of the World goodreads

Timothy Perper & Martha Cornog

Odd little collection of short stories. Gaiman once wrote one about an old woman who bought the Holy Grail in a junk shop and then just left it on the mantlepiece and kept having Sir Galahad visit her to acquire it. Discombobulating: two types of story which are an uneasy mix, and make you think, huh? what? Well, if you liked that story, you'll like these. There are some nice turns in here -- I liked the ending of the one with the woman and the coffee place the most -- and some which are likely to have you scratching your head a bit, which is not a bad average for a book of short stories. The first story, about a Lord's magnificent organ (which is precisely what those of you with gutter minds will have imagined) does not necessarily set the tone for the others; the afterword notes that both the authors are frequent writers on sexuality and that that populated many of the stories, but to be honest I didn't notice that. Gods show up more than organs do.

I was sent this via NetGalley.

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