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The Lies of Locke Lamora goodreads

Scott Lynch (Gentleman Bastards #1)

Marvellous story of long-con artists in fantasy Venice with lots of alchemy and a little magic. Locke is perhaps the most realistically-speaking character in non-urban fantasy; he actually sounds like a real person. If you haven't read this, what are you waiting for?

Red Seas Under Red Skies goodreads

Scott Lynch (Gentleman Bastards #2)

The return of Locke Lamora! I got terribly bored by all the sailing and pirate stuff. All the parts with the Sinspire were super excellent, though.

The Republic of Thieves goodreads

Scott Lynch (Gentleman Bastards #3)

More Lamora, including (finally) an on-screen Sabetha Belacoros! Loved all the bits in Karthain; didn't like all the bits about the play, in much the same way that I didn't like all the boat bits in RSURS. I just wanna read about long cons in fantasy Venice, I suppose. Hustle but with alchemy. Sorry.

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