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Realised I never actually got around to finding out how the whole Wheel of Time ended, and I should have done. I got really quite tired of the Aes Sedai in the earlier books and so I stopped about halfway through, but reading the WOTFAQ was always interesting -- I like the storylines, just not Jordan's way of delivering them, or any of the characters. Sanderson seems to have improved that a bit, although his strengths are more to my mind in worldbuilding, and this world was already built. Anyway, now I know what happens at the end. Reasonably convincing, too; there were costs, there was heroism, there were discoveries made in the heat of the moment because they needed to be. 14 books later, this probably goes into the "all time classic fantasy stories" list alongside the Belgariad and Thomas Covenant and the Feist stuff and Shannara and so on, and it feels rather like that; everyone's read them, hardly anyone has them as favourites. It would have been good to see what Jordan did next, and now we can't.

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