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Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence goodreads

Michael Marshall Smith

I asked the author if this was more a Michael Marshall or a Michael Marshall Smith before getting it, and he said it's "much more an MMS book, although not SF". This is correct. That blend of slightly bizarre backstory, careful machines, and the power of thought is something that hardly anyone else can pull off, and Smith does it with his usual aplomb. Every other line is funny, too, just in the way people react or the narrative straight-facedly takes the piss. If you liked Only Forward or Spares you'll like this. Also, don't go into any cracks in the land in Siberia.

Only Forward goodreads

Michael Marshall Smith

Very excellently quotable for the first half. It goes a bit weird and mystic later on, a trend that future MMS books continued, and after spending the first bit wanting to be Stark you realise that Stark doesn't want to be Stark and explains why and then you're a bit sad about it all. You really ought to read this if you haven't already.

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