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The Thief goodreads

Megan Whalen Turner (Attolia #1)

I started off not liking this all that much. It felt like a long slog through most of the book, but I kept at it. It is worth it for the ending. It really, really is.

The Queen of Attolia goodreads

Megan Whalen Turner (Attolia #2)

Less clever than The Thief, I think. Partially because I just do not buy Eugenides's infatuation. It is dropped on us unconvincingly out of a clear blue sky. Completely discombobulating.

The King of Attolia goodreads

Megan Whalen Turner (Attolia #3)

Cleverer even than The Thief. If you're looking to write a protagonist who can pull off the "ahaha! you thought you were winning but in fact I was all along!" reveal, study Gen. He's the best at it ever. The sauna scene is particularly revealing (ha ha).

A Conspiracy of Kings goodreads

Megan Whalen Turner (Attolia #4)

Wow. Sudden huge downturn in this series, at least for me. This is not about clever plans; it's about politics. And Gen comes off as rather a dick. I didn't enjoy this hardly at all. Except the bit with the gun, obviously.

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