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Blue and Gold goodreads

K. J. Parker (Saloninus #1)

The first Saloninus novella; just as clever as the second, The Devil You Know. Saloninus is an ancient philosopher type, something like Socrates, who has a habit of doing tricksy things as part of a big reveal at the end of his stories. I wish there were more of these.

The Devil You Know goodreads

K. J. Parker (Saloninus #2)

Smart novella by, it turns out, Tom Holt! A moral philosopher -- Socrates type, or at least that sort of ancient world era -- makes a deal with the devil, but it becomes apparent that he's up to something; indeed, the devil in question muses that "it was as though he'd put up a big painted sign saying UP TO SOMETHING and was sitting directly beneath it". Pretty clever, all in all. 

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