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A Devil in the Details goodreads

K. A. Stewart (Jesse James Dawson #1)

Jesse James Dawson is a demon hunter. This is light-ish stuff, but quite neatly worked out; demons are real, lots of people do deals with them; a demon hunter can offer them a better deal (fight me for the unfortunate's soul and my own besides) and they always take it. JJD is a bit of a whiner, though; he doesn't think he is, he thinks he's a stoic quiet hero who tries as hard as he can to embody bushido while also bringing the snark, but actually when he tries it out he feels to me like he's trying too hard to be Harry Dresden and Dresden's funnier. Nonetheless, worth reading, in a slightly popcorny sort of way.

A Line in the Sand goodreads

K. A. Stewart (Jesse James Dawson #5)

Self-published after Stewart's publisher dropped the series for lack of sales. Credit to the author for continuing; I hope they get enough to write the sixth book. (This was only $4 on Smashwords, which doesn't seem like a lot of money but I'm certainly grateful, not least because Smashwords don't do DRM and therefore I can buy from them; listen up, epub booksellers, stop using DRM. Stop publishers doing it too.)

Anyway, that ain't the point. The point is: this is The One Where We Figure Out What The Deal With Axel is. And Ivan! Which is good. On the other hand, am starting to believe that if JJD were to bump into someone at a bus stop then they'd turn out to have a demon in them.

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