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John Sandford & Michele Cook (The Singular Menace #1)

Typical (typically excellent) Sandford. I don't know what's "young adult" about this, other than that the protagonist is 16 rather than 35. Twist is a bit of a caricature, but not too much; LA sounds like a really dreadful place, which was my experience when I went there but not this much; Shay is red-haired and pretty, which are Mary Sue traits, but not much is made of her attractiveness other than her finding a few things easier than actual people might, not that she notices. Not sure if "Sean" is supposed to be a real actual actor person or just a character. If you like Sandford, you'll like this.

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John Sandford & Michele Cook (The Singular Menace #2)

More from Shay and Twist and the gang. Reading it, I felt again that this is not YA at all; it's just a Sandford story where the protagonist happens to be 16. But on taking a step back, the underlying story is a bit cliched -- evil corporation experimenting on humans, stopped by plucky young heroine on a quest to save her brother -- and characterising that as "YA" is probably terribly unfair, but I do. Still excellent and worth your time, though.


John Sandford & Michele Cook (The Singular Menace #3)

Final book of this YA trilogy. The good team win, not that we're surprised. I've been whipsawed with this whole trilogy between thinking of it as a Sandford book and as a YA book. Like, the characters and the dialogue and the action are Sandford, but the plot is YA: not that young-adult books don't have good plot, but they have to have a cherry on top. It's not enough to save the town, you have to save the world. The plan that the black hats have in this series was bad enough -- take innocent people off the streets and destroy their brains so that the rich can live forever -- without the escalation in this last book. Shay and the gang did manage to stop Singular, good. They also managed to stop the final part of the Singular plan, which to me felt massively uncalled for; a plot twist that was barely even foreshadowed, and felt like it had been pulled out of someone's hat, or perhaps some other place also round and inappropriate to find plots in. And Shay getting the.. opportunity she does at the end is in keeping with the plot, but again a bit overegged. Perhaps that's what defines a YA book? Like a TV but with the contrast turned right up, so all the colours are really bright and all the dark corners are really shadowy and there's no grey bits?

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