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Extreme Prey goodreads

John Sandford (Prey #26)

After the slight downturn in Gathering Prey, this has Sandford back on form, and neatly ends up solving the "where does Lucas go from here?" question to boot. This is more drawn from current affairs than most; a couple of motivated left-wingers decide to assassinate a Democratic-and-popular-but-not-left-enough female Presidential candidate in the hope that their preferred more-left-wing male candidate gets to be President. I hope this doesn't turn out to be ripped from the headlines; there was enough of that with Clancy's Debt of Honour. The Prey books tend to live in this actual world; obviously Elmer Henderson isn't the governor of Minnesota in reality, but Obama is president. I wonder if Bowden will become President in the books if Clinton does for real?

Also... John? Buddy? Marlys is not a name. I sat still for Del Capslock and Weather and the Fifteen Hundred Lorens, and Google suggests there are people called Marlys out there, but I spent the whole entire book cudgelling my brain to stop reading it as more-than-one-Marly.

Also also, the author is writing little forewords for the books in new editions, and they're all published on the website and make interesting reading.

Deep Freeze goodreads

John Sandford (Virgil Flowers #10)

How is Trippton such a hotbed of crime? On the other hand I've just looked it up and it isn't a real place -- I never know with the Sandford books how much of it is actually real Minnesota, but it's compelling enough that I naturally assume that it is because Sandford's good. The usual Virgil blend of folksy charm hiding sharpness, although I don't like Johnson Johnson anywhere near as much as I think I'm supposed to, since he shows up a lot. The Barbie subplot was excellent. And I spotted the Ruger pest-control thing from a previous book right off, and it was nice that that was a plot point and not just "JS knows this thing and has randomly dropped it into two separate stories now".

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