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Shadowmagic goodreads

John Lenahan (Shadowmagic #1)

Light fluffy stuff. Teen with eccentric sword-fighting father gets pulled into Tir Na Nog where he discovers that his father was king and he's a prince. Evil uncle, the works. It's all pretty cliché; this is what I think of when someone says "YA", even though most YA things aren't actually like this. A mild candy-floss diversion for a bit, perhaps.

Prince of Hazel and Oak goodreads

John Lenahan (Shadowmagic #2)

More of the same in the Shadowmagic series. This time a copper from our world also gets pulled into Tir Na Nog, and ends up being a great fighter and falls in love with Conor's aunt. It seems very unclear how time works between the Land and the Real World; some people seem to have visited our world many hundreds of years ago.

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