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Among Thieves goodreads

Douglas Hulick (A Tale of the Kin #1)

Thief-vs-thief battles in fairly standard mediaeval city. It's all quite interesting, and there are a couple of neat reversals which I didn't actually see coming at all. It's lacking a bit of a sense of fun, though; gritty is good, sometimes, but the Gentlemen Bastard series has quite a bit more enjoyment in it. Also, entirely did not buy the promotion at the end.

Sworn in Steel goodreads

Douglas Hulick (A Tale of the Kin #2)

Drothe now in new promoted state. I've seen the series described as "swords & sorcery meets Goodfellas", and I suppose that's right. However, Drothe is actually quite a dick and I'm not sure I like him. I'll probably read the next one, but with an increasing sense that I don't really care if the bloke wins or not.

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